Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Win a signed copy of Flyday

The awesome S.M. Boyce is running a giveaway on her blog every day for the month of January, and Flyday's contest starts on the 1st! Contest page.

You can win a free signed copy of Flyday if you're in the US, so go enter on the 1st. And check out the many other books on there.

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S.M. Boyce said...

This is unbelievably belated, but you flatter me! Thanks :)

On another note, your giveaway is getting an amazing response. To anyone reading this who hasn't already entered, why are you still on this page? Enter!

-S.M. Boyce
Author of The Grimoire: Lichgates
"Once you open the Grimoire, there is no going back. The adventure will be worth every hardship…if you survive.
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