Thursday, August 21, 2014

Various goings-on

So, I realized I hadn't updated my blog in awhile (I closed my eyes and guessed it had been a year, but I checked and saw that I did in fact post once in 2014. Phew.) and just wanted to update everyone that I am still alive and stuff. I had a pretty busy year so far. I married a very handsome photographer and we moved into our very own house. The moving process itself could fill its own book.

What was I talking about? Oh, the blog. I admit, I never really knew what to do with my blog. Some writers discuss writing news, so I could write a post on my feelings that Amazon is allowing independent authors to set up pre-order pages, but all I can think to say is, "Yay! That's really cool." Other writers post really helpful guides, and yet others chronicle their crazy lives as they date rock stars and tour indie radio stations. Personally, I don't even post vacation photos to Facebook, partially because I don't take vacations and partially because it all just seems like too much oversharing.

I have been writing, but nothing ready to release just yet. So, not much to report.