Thursday, October 27, 2016

October check-in

The leaves are falling, the ... snow ... is falling? Weather in New England is always unpredictable. It's nice that you can experience four distinct seasons here - sometimes all within the same day.

I decided I really wanted to go back to school, so it's bittersweet that I am doing that instead of NaNoWriMo this November. While I absolutely loved NaNo last year, I absolutely do not have the time this year. I will still try to cheer participants on through Twitter, and I'll set my own, much smaller writing goal.

My (wonderful) betas have read Saturnine, and I'm making final changes before I decide when this book will be ready to be flung out into the world. I'm not quite comfortable revealing the back-cover copy and excerpts and all that before I have a firm release date. However, the cover is already out there and is currently my Twitter icon. I was going to have a skilled photographer take an author photo of me by a nice tree with autumn foliage, but see the first line about snow.

I'm also trying to decide which book I will write next. I have three interesting choices, and I'm writing notes on each of them as I think of them. A top contender is the YA paranormal romance I've been hinting at in my Twitter for about the last year, and I think that will appeal to a wider (though different) audience.

In any case, the next time I update, I hope it's to announce a release date. As always, post any comments here or @lauraebradford.

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