Saturday, April 30, 2016

The power of identity

It's been awhile since I last updated, but I'm still writing (and editing my project that has been years in the making). I've been trying to "check in" to Twitter when I write, so you may be able to catch me on there sometimes.

I've noticed that when other writers are between release dates, they post updates about their kids or their dogs. I have neither, but I do have cats!

As time goes on, I realize more and more that it's hard to keep up the identity of a writer. When I get my city's census form back, or file my taxes, and my occupation isn't listed as "writer," it's a little jarring. But I am! a small voice inside me cries. I'm a writer.

Every time I get a royalty check, as small as it is, I think, Wow. That was from my writing.

But do I talk about it every day? No. I'm sure many people I know don't even realize that I write. I wonder if sometimes I should have been a little more persistent about being a writer from the get-go, and not make a "backup plan" - another career that has the potential to take over your whole life.

However, I'm still writing, and really hopeful to have another release later this year.

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