Monday, December 30, 2013

Word goals for December

Awhile back, Patrick Thunstrom made me a spreadsheet for writing progress. It's quite handy but only goes so far for me, because I tend to write a draft and rewrite it about twenty-five times (which is why Saturnine isn't out yet).

But I decided to dust off an outline of an old project I never finished, update the outline, and try to get 30,000 words written in a month. The results:

The left column is word count, bottom column is number of days. It's an 80-day chart, so look at the left corner. From this graph you can deduce two things:
1) I obviously messed something up when copying it to Paint, because it's blurry.
2) I did well early on but veered off course as time got closer to the holidays. I started on December 3rd, so the 21st day is Christmas Eve.

So this is some evidence that I actually can still write, I just need to keep focused and take breaks from time to time for real-world stuff. Awhile back I did a social media scaleback, and I'm going to attempt a social media comeback. Tweeting, blogging, and the like do take time and effort, but they help bring me into a writing frame of mind.

Oh, can I add New Year's Resolutions to this post? Release three books in 2014. Expect more wibbly-wobbly charts in the future, but I'll try my best to get my words out there.

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