Sunday, August 05, 2012

A social media scaleback

I've been looking at my blog for awhile, and I couldn't really decide what I want to do with it. Some writers turn their blogs into awesome reads, and some people have very interesting lives they can talk about. I'm not one of those people, and I feel that my writing blog has no focus.

I would much rather spend my time crafting stories instead of writing blog posts and random tweets about what my thoughts are. In a few days, that information can become outdated. And In most cases, nobody cares. I can't really sit and give people writing advice, either, because I'm figuring out a lot of things as I go along.

I'll still keep my blog open for updates on new releases, but if I see some really amazing thing that relates to writing, I'll probably just tweet about it. I'll leave up the guest author slots on my blog, and can host guest posts in the future, but it's not a huge priority for me at the moment.

Instead, I'm going to channel my blogging energy into Paisley Sound, an indie music blog, and try to make something out of that.  A Writer's Notes will become more of a landing page, with a bio and information about my books. Trust me: you won't be missing much.

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