Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sunset on Mars - update!

I finally released Sunset on Mars and Other Stories on Amazon. If you downloaded the Smashwords version last year, there's a new story I just added. It's about zombies!

I'm trying to get this little collection released for free on Amazon, but if you happen to download it at 99 cents, I will donate my author proceeds to Doctors Without Borders (as requested by the cover artist, K. B. Wittke). It's free here on Smashwords.

And now I shall go back to editing Saturnine and working on a paranormal YA romance about pixies battling vampires. Or as I call it, Tuesday.

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James Everington said...

It's rarely I say this, but that cover is so good I'll almost certainly check out the book on that basis alone. Love the simplicity of it.