Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunset on Mars and Other Stories

I write flash fiction off and on whenever I get a good idea, and I decided to collect 3 really short stories into a free collection, Sunset on Mars and Other Stories.

If you download it, I only ask that you spread the word to other readers who may be interested.

The stories are:

"Sunset on Mars" - from back when Flyday was a space opera (just imagine that). Appeared in 365 Tomorrows in December of 2007. The science fiction blog Marooned - Science Fiction & Fantasy Books called it "an excellent piece of flash fiction."

"...And Let The Apocalypse Happen" - I wrote this for a short story contest and it took first place. It was published in the spring issue of the literary magazine Theory Train.

"I Don’t Dream Like That Anymore" - a new flash fiction piece, which will make you feel bad for a robot and a starship captain.

You can download it here.

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Eileen Young said...

I really like the new title. And the cover looks awesome!